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Henan is the first domestic power lithium battery recycling production line

According to the Henan Daily reported that after more than a year of hard innovation and repeated tests, Henan Electric Power Research Institute successfully designed and built the first domestic 5000 tons of dry battery recycling production line of automatic power based on efficient, environment-friendly recycling power lithium battery.

As a province, State Grid Electric Power Research Institute, Power Grid Corp, deputy director of wastes treatment technology lab, Zhao Guangjin is committed to "turning waste into treasure" in mining huge environmental and economic potential of the field of electric vehicle battery has become retired, the echelon use and recycling pioneer and surveyors.

In 2010, under the support of national Power Grid Corp, Zhao Guangjin first began to study the retired battery echelon use. The global energy Internet must realize interconnection and interconnect, and the decentralized new energy with different power quality, different frequency of wind energy and photovoltaic power will be connected to the power grid, including peak shaving, frequency modulation, peak shaving and valley filling, all of them need a "reservoir", that is, the energy storage system. Energy storage systems are limited to high technical costs and can not be used on a large scale. And if the electric vehicle battery retired echelon use as an energy storage system can not only meet the demand, and the cost is only a new battery of the same type 1/3.

In Zhao Guangjin's study, the decommissioning battery achieved two "gorgeous turns". The first is in the Xinmi Jianshan experiment base, built the first 100 kilowatts of wind solar storage battery retired micro grid demonstration project based on proven retired battery echelon use ability. The second is the copper and aluminum and the most expensive and scarce lithium battery in the low cost green recycling electric vehicle battery, which not only achieves harmless disposal of hazardous substances, but also recycls substances for the production of battery materials, and achieves recycling of resources.

Thanks to Zhao Guangjin's unremitting efforts, the province electric power research institute innovation built the first domestic automatic dry battery recycling production line. The production line is to abandon the traditional fire method, wet and high energy consumption and high pollution recycling technology, has the characteristics of high recovery efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, no two pollution, the processing capacity of 800 kg per hour, annual processing volume reached 5000 tons, waste lithium battery price component recovery rate reached more than 90%. The production line has realized the recycling of battery materials, solved the "bottleneck" and "worries" of the sustainable development of energy storage and new energy vehicles, and made contributions to promote the clean development of energy in China.

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