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VR industry ushered in a red fire in October: three major platforms will push new products

The three major VR platforms will announce major news in October and are ready to sell new products. The new equipment is expected to be listed before Thanksgiving.

A vendor ready to launch a Daydream compatible mobile phone

Since October 4th, VR will spread rapidly in the market at an unprecedented rate. Google will hold a conference in October 4th and may launch a reference VR device for its Daydream platform. According to Google's news at this year's developer conference, the company may also announce a series of VR content and cooperation at the conference. For example, mobile phone manufacturers are said to have been developing mobile phones that are compatible with the Daydream platform.

It's not clear how many developers will attract developers to develop VR applications in the process of expanding its Google Play store. Daydream is a natural direction for Google, which has introduced basic action control into the mobile VR platform.

Oculus Touch

After the Google conference, the virtual reality maker Oculus will hold its third session of the developer conference in October 5th. At last year's developers conference, Oculus announced a number of cooperation to introduce the world's game, Netflix and many other popular applications to Oculus head devices.

Oculus also shows the application of Oculus Touch controller in VR social networking: users and friends can transfer their gestures, head movements and voice seamlessly to a shared virtual world. Oculus also published a Oculus Medium engraving application that belonged to the same category as Google's Tilt Brush, which was more like a painting software.

PlayStation VR

A week after the Oculus developer conference, SONY will sell PlayStation VR headgear in October 13th. The sale price of 399 dollars makes it more expensive than some SONY main models, but it has been booked at GameStop, a game retailer, faster than any previous hardware.

PlayStation VR is compatible with millions of PS4 in the user's home. SONY has promised to launch more than 50 PlayStation VR compatible games by the end of 2016. PlayStation VR provides a cheaper Rift or Vive alternative for consumers, but it has a lower resolution compared to a PC based device. It's not clear what impact PlayStation VR can have on consumers outside of the player, but its early sales are going well.


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